Promotion and Achievements

After the war, father was elevated to the post of Depututy Director of Health Services. He was awarded UNESCO and WHO Travelling Fellowships in 1948 to visit many hospitals in Canada, the UK and Scandinavia. At this time, Hong Kong was in dire need of a new, large hospital and, my father was able to put his learning to good use by helping to plan the 1,000-bed Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kowloon which today exhibits his portrait and a plaque with a special dedication in his honour.

In 1951, my father was awarded the appointment of Director of Medical and Health Services. He was the first Chinese to hold this very prestigious position (previously, an English man would have been transferred from another colony knowing nothing of the conditions in Hong Kong).

During his directorship, my father helped to eradicate Malaria and instigated the BCG vaccination against TB, which was rife in the colony. With the help of Dr Fraser, my father founded a leper colony on Hayling Chao Island to help treat these poor people. In the same period he also held the post of Professor of Social Medicine at
Hong Kong University.

In 1956, for all of his good works, he was awarded the
Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and
St George. There is a seat with his nameplate in the CMG chapel in St Paul's cathedral. Click here to see details of the Orders of Chivalry at the official website of the British Monarchy.

When my father retired at 55, he still felt young and active, so the family permanently moved to England where he decided to take up psychiatry and subsequently worked full time at St Ebba's Hospital in Epsom for a further 10 years.

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