The War years

Soon after the outbreak of World War II came the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong in the December of 1941. My parents had planned to follow other relatives by escaping with us into free China. However, Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke, then Director of Medical Services, implored my father to stay behind and help him to care for the health of the Colony. For this purpose, the Japanese had allowed Sir Selwyn out of internment.


Shortly after, my father was suddenly arrested early one morning and was interrogated and tortured for espionage. Whilst in jail, the cell next to him was occupied by the Reverend George Shea; together they prayed and sang hymns and it was at this time that my father was converted to Christianity. He was always a very religious person and I remember how he would spend half an hour or more every morning walking in the garden, meditating before he went to work.

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