A Family Man

His soul mate

Five years after his first appointment and very much in love with each other, my parents married on 24th March 1933. My mother, Florence, was the youngest of eleven children, a lively and very beautiful girl of just 17 years. Her father, Sir Robert Ho Tung, was a self made millionaire, twice knighted for his philanthropic works in Hong Kong. My mother grew up very quickly in her new role and as my father's career progressed she became the mainstay of his life. Both personally and professionally she managed to perform her public diplomatic duties to perfection whilst balancing these with her busy domestic schedule. After 71 years of marriage, my father was still so devoted to my mother, that whenever he was taken out for a drive, he would insist on stopping to buy her flowers and would even manage to write a card to give with them.


I am Dick, their first child and I have always been blessed with the gift of perfect timing. I arrived exactly nine months after their honeymoon. My sister Daphne was born next, on 4th July, 1935 and finally my youngest sister Wendy joined our happy family on 25th February 1937.

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