Excerpts from 'Glimpses of K.C.'s Life' which was read by Dick Yeo at the Memorial Service held in Mountfield Church on 18th June 2004.

My father was a great and wonderful man. During his long and fruitful life, with the dedicated support of my mother, he achieved a great deal.

Background and personal information

Born on 1st April, 1903 in Penang, Malaysia, he was the eldest son of a family of nine. His own father worked in a rubber plantation and so he had a poor but happy upbringing. He told us stories of how he once borrowed his father's bicycle which was much too large for him and he fell into a waterway. As he lay in the mud, a large crocodile crept towards him. This taught him a lesson not to use other people's property without permission! He himself used to listen to wonderful stories from his great grandfather whilst he (the great grandfather) was smoking the opium pipe!

As a young man and while he was studying in England, my father became an excellent gymnast and weight-lifter. For several years he held the world record in sit-ups for his body weight.

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