Life Time Achievements



Born: 1st April, 1903

Married: 24th March 1933 to Florence Ho Tung

Children: Son, Richard Yeo and daughters, Daphne Vallance and Wendy Holt

Interests: It is a little known fact that as a young man, K.C. was an excellent gymnast and weight lifter who held the world record in sit-ups for his body weight for several consecutive years.

Religion: K.C. became a committed Christian during his imprisonment at the time of the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong.


1920 Senior Cambridge Examination: 1st Class Honours
Distinction in 5 subjects - Scholarship to Hong Kong University.

1925 Graduated M.B., B.S. (Hong Kong)

1926 United Kingdom:
D.P.H. (Camb.) Honours in Part 1 and Part 2

1930 M.D. (Hong Kong) in State Medicine



1927 Assistant Medical Officer of Health

1939 Chinese Health Officer, Senior Grade

1947 Deputy Director of Health Services

1947 Health Adviser to Urban Council (Hong Kong)

1950 Deputy Director of Medical and Health Services

1951 Director of Medical and Health Services.
First Chinese to hold the post of one of the largest
government departments in the Colony).

Under his command, the BCG vaccination was introduced
which helped to eradicate tuberculosis. He also managed
to stem the widespread malaria epidemic in Hong Kong.

K.C. and Dr Fraser founded a leper colony to medically treat
victims on Hayling Chao Island.

1951 Professor of Social Medicine (part-time), Hong Kong University

1951 Official Member of the Legislative Council

1963 Senior Hospital Medical Officer (Psychiatry), St Ebbaís Hospital, Epsom, Surrey, U.K.


1948 Gained the UNESCO and WHO Travelling Fellowships to tour
Hospitals worldwide. As a result K.C. helped plan the 1,000 bed Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong.

1956 K.C. was awarded the Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George. Visitors to this chapel at St. Paul's Cathedral in London can sit on the bench which displays his brass name plate.

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